i want to kiss you and take cute pictures with you and go on stupid dates but I also want kill you for making me feel things

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stop hating on girls who wanna kiss people in museums or aquariums or art galleries stop hating on girls who want things that might be cliche stop hating on girls who want boys to treat them like they’re magic i will protect all girls with my life and just because they care about things that you don’t doesn’t give you the right to belittle them ok i will fight u


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Like when women hate men it’s frustrating at worst, maybe it hurts someone’s feelings, but when men hate women they are shamed, abused, patronized, demeaned, objectified, raped, and murdered, ya feel me, so even if I WAS a raging misandrist like worst case scenario I’d be a bummer at parties, meanwhile a girl somewhere literally can’t leave her house because it’s dark outside.

"You’ve got the arms I want to be wrapped in,
You’ve got the eyes I want to lose myself in,
You’ve got the smile I can never resist,
You’ve got the voice I could listen for hours."

— T.W. (via misjudgments)
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Les Arts Florissants (by Flávia Desgranges van der Linden)

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name: charlie
height: 5’3
eye colour: green
birthday: november 1st
favorite colour(s): purple
best school subject(s): english
current shirt colour: white
day or night: night
religion: agnostic
gender: female
sexual orientation: boys and girls
single or taken: it’s complicated?
celebrity crush: luke hemmings
coffee or tea:  both
favorite food: salad, taco, pizza, pasta, food in general
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APRIL ! (by Nesairah Nesstyle)

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No but really when you start geeking out about something your cuteness level goes up like 10000% like I dont care if its chemistry or pokemon when you get really excited about something and I can see you totally love it its really fuckin attractive ok ok

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